When I first started out in the gym, it was all about eating lots of food. Who cares what type or food, just as long as I ate enough. I needed to gain weight and had a hard time with putting on any type of weight, fat or muscle. Then came the 30s and too many days traveling, eating out, and drinking beer. Its not enough to just count your calories for good gains. At minimum you need to count what type of calories you're eating. Eating out a lot, watching the calorie intake, and not seeing the results you want? Then you will probably be quite surprised to find out that much of the calories you are consuming are carbs or fats. In fact, I would guess that only 15-20% of you calorie intake is from protein. Hey, I thought you wanted lean muscle? Start counting those macros. You will see results. The 40/30/30. What does that mean? Well, its a common number used by people that count macros to help as a gauge for how much of each macro nutrient they are consuming. The numbers represent percentages, 40%, 30% and 30% respectively, for a sum of 100%. Which number is which macro nutrient? Well, some people get excited like me and use protein as the first number. I think the standard order used is carb/protein/fat. Carbohydrates / Proteins / Fats